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This is a full transcription from the great jazz pianist Bill Evans’ recording, Alone(Again). The tune is Dave Brubeck’s beautiful ballard also performed by Miles Davis and number of jazz artists. Its approximately 9 minutes long performance of 10 times repeated chorus is transcribed into 365 bars score in 17 pages.

Evans was completely free time-wise, thus the improvisation is often polyrhythmic approach that is so hard to follow in a written format. Some of them could be represented in more than one way like 4/5 or 3/8 or so. In jazz, those approaches are considered to be trick by the performer, so the transcription retained mostly 4/4.

What was so great about Bill’s piano performance is that his voices were so variable that his left hand often plays two parts separately. Plus, he didn’t use sustain pedal much to make the music groovy. He said in an interview that he didn’t have dimension as a solo pianist but what he actually did was so complicated and impossible to imitate.

Hopefully, the transcription is good learning reference to jazz pianists or could be one of artistic repertoire to even classical pianists. It was almost a waste such a great music was just stored in audio devices, rather it would be wonderful it is performed in many places.

Currently, this transcription is licensed only in Japan so not allowed to distribute worldwide. But we strongly wish to make this available overseas. We would be grateful to have advises to clear copyright issue. Please email us if you have an idea. Thank you.

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